Audiences and Cultural Diversity

• Fotis Kpaetopoulos

In, The Relationship if the Project: Working with Communities; 1 February 2020, paperback.

Editors: Jade Lillie, Kate Larsen, Cara Kirkwood, Jax Jacki Brown

Brow Books;

Cultural diversity in the arts is often focused on what is presented on stage and screen, but far less consideration is given to the cultural diversity of audiences.

In fact, the issue of engagement with diverse cultural communications and communities continues to be avoided by many. Are arts administrators ignoring culturally diverse audiences, or are these audiences ignoring the arts?




The Relationship is the Project is a vital resource that aims to assisst emerging practitioners, artists and cultural workers better engage with community-based projects. Co-edited with Kate Larsen, Cara Kirkwood and Jax Jacki Brown, the breadth of the advice shared in this non-academic, practitioner-led book includes insights into the ethics and logistics of working in community contexts from thought-leaders across the arts, cultural and community sectors.

The Relationship is the Project in partnership with creative producer Jade Lillie was part of her 2018/19 Sidney Myer Creative Fellowhsip.



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