Adjust Your View is essentially a toolkit of ideas and steps intended to provide a framework for the development of multicultural marketing strategies for the arts and cultural products.

It also provides local and overseas case studies which may be inspirational in building audiences which mirror Australia’s culturally and linguistically diverse population. These case studies are not definitive but are indicative of best practice in multicultural audience development.

Discussion of some of the most evident missed opportunities in the area of diverse arts marketing is included, because it helps in understanding obstacles and pitfalls which can be avoided.

It’s not rocket science!
Multicultural marketing is not rocket science. But it is complex and needs passion, commitment and a willingness to learn. This toolkit is divided into four sections and each section can be used as a stand-alone component or be integrated to assist in attracting multicultural audiences to arts and cultural events.

Section 1 The context
Context is important in framing some of the discussions and theories which may be used in multicultural audience development.

Section 2 Archetypes to help you solidify your strategy
This section examines the types of people which need to be enlisted when expanding multicultural audiences. These ‘archetypes’ may be found within your organisation, or generally within the community.

Section 3 The steps
The nuts and bolts of a realistic marketing/communication strategy aimed at multicultural audiences. Here you will also find some audience profiles of real people and tips on how to conduct focus groups, profiles and research.

Section 4 Case studies
This is an eclectic group of case studies from Australia, The Netherlands and the United States. They are not definitive, but they range over a ten-year period and include:

4.1 Sydney
Sydney Symphony Orchestra: Developing a new Asian market for traditional canon of Western classical music.

4.2 Melbourne
Mix it Up – An evolving partnership.

4.3 Sydney
Carnivale Multicultural Arts Festival: Rebranding for a new audience.

4.4 New York
USA: Bring in ‘da Noise, Bring in ‘da Funk at the Joseph Papp Public Theater, New York City.

4.5 San Diego
USA: Abrazando La Diversidad / Embracing Diversity; Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego (MCASD).

4.6 Rotterdam
Netherlands: Theater Zuidplein’s Multicultural Program Committee.



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