MAPD engages with professionals and institutions in various areas such as, funding, presentation, communications, copyright and policy. In 2010, there are two industry forums (to be confirmed).

2010 Industry Seminars [IS]

IS 1
The Asialink Centre is a non-academic department of the University of Melbourne and works nationally and internationally to provide information, training, strategy, professional networks and initiate and manage projects and programs linking Australia and Asia. Asialink has a staff of approximately 25 working in three major areas: Education, Public Affairs and Arts.

Asialink Arts has been working to promote cultural understanding, information exchange and artistic endeavour between Australia and Asia since 1990. Asialink Arts offers a range of artisitic and cultural programs that enable Australians to develop their talents and experience by working in and with Asia. Asialink is dedicated to promoting contemporary Australian arts and culture in the region and facilitating opportunities for cross-cultural dialogue and exchange.

Asialink Arts is divided into four key program areas: Visual Arts, Performing Arts, Literature and Arts Management. Projects managed within these areas include: the Asialink Arts Residency Program (all areas), Visual Arts/Crafts Exhibition Touring Program, Literature Touring Program, Arts Management Internships, Australia Indonesia Community Program, as well as special projects and advocacy.

These programs are developed and managed by Asialink in consultation with three Arts Advisory Committees: Visual Arts/Crafts, Performing Arts/Management and Literature.

IS 2 Gandel Charitable Trust is a discretionary, family charitable trust that covers a number of entities including the Gandel Foundation. It provides funding to a wide range of community and charitable causes throughout Australia and overseas.



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