Professor Professor Peter Sheldrake, one of Australias foremost management experts, will be heading up a new program for MAPD under the title Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship will be examined as a way to success in project and organizational development. Entrepreneurship is an ancient form of cultural and economic exchange, fostering social, creative and economic development. The word has been to often been associated with newer western forms of economic rationalization and corporate culture, when in reality it has defined some of the great civilizations of the past, from the Jewish, Greek, Chinese across to the Italian and of course continues to do so now in the West and Asia. Professor Peter Sheldrake will examine Asian and other approaches to business, the arts and social development in the context of entrepreneurship. Much of the success of immigrant communities in Australia is premised on the art of entrepreneurship and that art can take various forms which reflect at times evident and other times, subtle cultural approaches to business and for that matter social and cultural development. Entrepreneurship is essential for the modern arts manager, art maker and community partnership facilitator.



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