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ALEX Castro is currently working as the Publicist for CLPR (Catherine Lavelle Pulic Relations)/Twentieth Century Fox Searchlight. Alex also heads Filmoteca an incorporated body devoted to the promotion and presentation of Spanish language films from Latin, Central and South America. Alex holds a BA Hon in Cinema Studies from LaTrobe University, Melbourne, Victoria. As part of his MAPD project, Alex spent six months in Latin America and the United States researching new film and establishing networks with film distributors, film makers and like-minded organisations. In Melbourne, Alex was able to develop a proposal and secure funding for the presentation of Argentinean films at the Australian Centre for Moving Image, ACMI, at Federation Square. Alex used the full complement of Cultural Brokerage, segmented marketing and communications to incorporate exhibitions, lectures and forums on Tango dance, Argentinian food and wine. Alex was able to secure audiences from the Spanish speaking communities of Melbourne, the film community, and general film goers.

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ANNA Cominos is the Program Coordinator for Carnivale Multicultural Arts Festival, NSW. She has a BA in Communications from Charles Sturt University NSW. As part of MAPD Anna developed a proposal for a culturally diverse children’s festival, Multicultural Childrens’ Festival

Anna incorporated Cultural Brokerage in developing relationships with community and cultural groups and special language schools; the Immigration Museum of NSW and the NSW Education Department. Anna initiated relationships for a Multicultural Children’s Festival in the 2004 Carnivale Festival. Anna is planning a series of learning tools and workshops with multi-faith and multicultural teachers, artists and children. As part of the income generation and communications strategy, Anna proposed a Kids’ Carnivale Café where children under 12 years of age, can participate in cultural instrument playing and music workshops. The Kids’ Carnivale Café as a stand-alone program can secure institutional funding from appropriate bodies. The Kids’ Carnivale Café and the umbrella event proposal for a Multicultural Children’s Festival employs a range of curation, cultural brokerage, extensive cooperative marketing and liaison strategies. Most importantly, it is a festival idea which will imbue the values of tolerance, acceptance and cultural understanding in children thus developing future audiences for culturally diverse program in music, dance and visua arts.

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ANA-PAULA Mantuaneli is the Administrator for Carnivale Multicultural Arts Festival, NSW. Ana-Paula has a Combined Course in Marketing & Public Relations from the London Chamber of Commerce and Industry an Advanced Diploma Events Management at TAFE and Certificate III in Travel & Tourism at Clarendon Business College.

Ana-Paula was able to integrate Cultural Brokerage and MAPD principles of segmented marketing and income generation strategies, to develop a new concept Mondo Mix Design proposed for the 2004 Carnivale Festival. Mondo Mix Design is to become an alternative design and fashion event aimed at presenting emerging local fashion, home-ware, furniture and food, designers which reference and integrate authentic ethnically diverse and contemporary styles. Mondo Mix Design is proposed as a two day festival event with income being generated through, sponsorship, concessions, and sale of products. The festival also includes various live performances and is a Carnival and Fashion Week event.

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CARLOS Sanchez has a Graduate Diploma in Multicultural Journalism, and completed the Melbourne University’s Multicultural Arts Marketing Ambassadors program. Carlos is also a part-time journalist for the Spanish radio program on SBS Radio Melbourne. As Multicultural Liaison Officer at the Arts Centre, Melbourne Victoria, Carlos employed MAPD principles to initiate Theatre from the Box, which featured two one-person plays, The Paragon and Fronteras Americanas. The program secured extensive media profile in mainstream, Greek and Spanish language media. Carlos maintained relationships between mainstream and independent arts and consultants in managing and promoting Theatre from the Box.

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CHRIS Kokalevski completed a degree in Commerce Degree with a Major in Marketing at the University of Wollongong and completed the Multicultural Arts Professional Development MAPD course through RMIT University Business. He is a first generation Australian, of Macedonian background. He is Carnivale Festival’s Marketing Assistant and Ethnic Media liaison officer. He is responsible for the development and maintenance of media liaison with Australia’s major, and small and emerging ethnic media, while also working with the Marketing Manager in securing a new culturally diverse youth audience for Carnivale Festival’s programming.

Chris used MAPD principles to design a heightened level of liaison with ethnic communities and ethnic media for Carnivale Multicultural Arts Festival NSW. His work paying dividens through the used of Dr. Richard Kurin’s notions of Cultural Brokerage, media liaison and relationship marketing.

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LENA Nahlous is the Executive Officer of Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE), in the Western Suburbs of Sydney. Lena has a BA Honours in Government and Public Policy Administration and a BA in English from the University of Sydney. Lena use tha whole range of MAPD principles, in particular the Property Assessment notions of sponsorship by Mary Saldana, in forging new partnership between ICE and various institutional and corporate sponsors. Lena’s efforts secured institutional funding, in-kind and financial income in the 2002/03 periods for ICE. As importantly Lena incorporated various aspect of Cultural Brokerage and comunications strategies in steering ICE through a period of significant organisational restructuring.

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MICHELLE Scott is the Multicultural Referral Officer for Brown’s Mart Community Arts in Darwin, NT. Michelle is an artist and program manager and has a plethora of certificates in business and project management such as, Certificate IV of Small Business and Certificate IV of Workplace Training. Michelle actively sought to re-ignite the multicultural arts sector in Darwin, by engaging in complex research of the multicultural services and arts structures of the past and funding opportunities. Michelle was able to chart a course throughcomplex relationships with the various multicultural leaders in Darwin and in doing so created a level of excitement in multicultural activities. This is particularly important in a region such as Darwin with a small population but with significant cultural diversity. Michelle also used Cultural Brokerage and various communcation approaches to local arts scene. Her work was also politically delicate and she negotiated with a range of local, state and national bodies and organisations. She sought consultation on a regular basis.

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OLIVE Tau Davies is a freelance consultant and community leader with extensive experience in cultural development, social welfare and the arts management focused on Papua New Guinean artists and communities within PNG and in Cairns, QLD, Australia. Olive has a Diploma of Journalism from the University of Papua New Guinea.

For MAPD Olive completed a proposal for a new festival in Cairns the theme based on the tradition of Papua New Guinean celebrations titled Sing Sing. The Sing Sing proposal festival employs the notion of Cultural Brokerage by Dr. Richard Kurin, from the Smithsonian Institution, to develop authentic and contemporary music and dance programming by Papua New Guinean artists collaborating with local Indigenous Australian communities and artists in Cairns. The Sing Sing project is complex and unique addressing local social, cultural and political issues arising between PNG communities, Indigenous Australians and the immediate Pacific Rim cultures which neighbour far north Queensland. Olive employed MAPD segmented marketing and income generation strategies when designing the Sing Sing proposal, as a way of forging greater awareness and understanding of Papua New Guinean and Indigenous Australian arts among Cairn’s European and Asian communities.

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PAOLA Niscioli’s interest in research began while undertaking higher studies in Italian at Flinders University and completed the Multicultural Arts Professional Development (MAPD) course through RMIT University Business. As well as completing a Masters thesis on the poetry of Australians of Italian origin as a research assistant she explored the historical presence of Italians in South Australia. She has been actively involved in the Italian-Australian community through teaching and as a member of Comites [the committee for Italians abroad] since 1998. With para//elo she conducts oral history and community cultural development used as a basis for new performances. She is para//elo’s community liaison officer and implements a range of unique communication strategies and cultural brokerage excersises aimed at involving community and artists in the production of para//elo’s work in contemporary performance art and theatre.

For her MAPD program Paola applied Dr. Kurin’s Cultural Brokerage, and a range of network and relationship marketing approaches and strategic sponsorship relationships to the development and promotion of 1900 Project by para//lelo. 1900 is based on Alessandro Baricco’s Novecento a commentary on Italian mass migration to North America at the turn of the 20th Century. 1900 Project integrates stories of ship travel by South Australian immigrant communities. These stories are recorded and melded into the adaptation of Baricco’s work. Paola assisted with community research and negotiation, media liaison and the highly successful Community Showcase in late 2002. 1900 will be presented in the 2004 Adelaide Festival and in Perth with Black Swan Theatre Co.

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REBECCA Pearce is the Special Events Coordinator for Adelaide Fringe 2004 and has been working within a festival environment for the past four years with the Adelaide Fringe [an open access arts festival held in February/March every two years which is the largest arts festival in Australia and the second largest Fringe festival in the world after the Edinburgh Fringe]. She has been involved in producing both small and large scale Fringe events. Rebecca has been working in a variety of roles including Volunteer coordinator, Opening Parade Coordinator (2002), and Operations Coordinator. She is currently studying graduate diploma in Arts management (University of South Australia) and has completed the Multicultural Arts Professional Development course through RMIT University Business.

As part of her MAPD project Rebecca designed the production, marketing and income generation of Family Day (working title), a free pubic event for the 2004 Adelaide Fringe Festival. Family Day to be presented at the Adelaide University grounds will feature authentic and contemporary cultural presentations, performances and food by three newly arrived, and emerging Islamic-Australian communities from Adelaide. In her final report, Rebecca used Dr. Richard Kurin’s notions of Cultural Brokerage in researching, negotiating and curating the event, and a range of MAPD communications and income generations strategies.

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