MAPD partners
Australian Multicultural Foundation, Kape Communications and RMIT University

RMIT University, Melbourne

Course identification
Multicultural Arts Professional Development (MAPD) program 2010. Participants who attend the MAPD seven day intensive workshop and successfully complete the set assessment task would be eligible for credit against the RMIT MBA elective Current Issues in Business.

Contact details

Course Manager
Kape Communications
Tel [03] 9470 1099; Fax [03] 9470 4358

Lynn Cain, Course Coordinator
Australian Multicultural Foundation
Tel [03] 9347 6622; Fax [03] 9347 2218

Contact hours

50 hours (7 days intensive)
Nominal 40 hours (includes one-to-one and on-line)

Mode of delivery

Mixed mode on campus, industry locations, email, forum and consultation

Selection to MAPD
Selection of participants to MAPD are through a review of proposed interest(s) for MAPD project, position and current work, and/or arts practice, and qualifications. While qualifications are considered, participants need to have a minimum of five years experience in the arts and cultural industries, as administrators, artists, curators, managers, community advocates, Multicultural Arts Officers, promotions and marketing coordinators, information and community development officers. Experience, knowledge and acumen, are taken into account when making decisions for MAPD inclusion.

We seek applications and a CV/Resumé. Once all the CV/Resumés and applications are considered, there will be a phone interview/discussion on the phone.

Training course MAPD 2010
Below is the core structure of the 7 days intensive period in 2010. This intensive period will be followed on-line delivery, consultations and one-to-one advice for up to nine months. Intensive course date: 2 to 6 August, 2010.

Up to nine months on-line delivery & consultation
The MAPD participants will be in communication with the Course Manager and Coordinator on-line through email and participation on the on-line forum. There will be subjects posted on the forum for debate and discussion. The MAPD participants will receive readings, articles, website address and cookies pertaining to the MAPD course from the MAPD consultants. There will also be a process of consultations by phone, one-to-one where possible and email with the MAPD consultants.

Assessment and deliverables
MAPD participants deliver:
• Full participation in 7 days intensive period,
• Completion of journal,
• Project proposal report with some consideration of the principles of Emotional Intelligence, Cultural Brokerage, Marketing and Income Generation (2000-3000 words).

$1,870.00 (GST incl.)

Students may apply for a subsidy through the Australian Multicultural Foundation to cover part of the course fees/travel. Students must meet the selection criteria for the subsidy to be granted. For an outline of the selection criteria please contact Kape Communications by email,


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