Arte Kanela’s Flamenco Rocks led by dancers Chari Saldana and Johnny Tedesco, and musical director Richard Tedesco melded rock and flamenco in music and dance. Arte Kanela is renowned for creative superiority, passion and contemporary line of attack in flamenco. They are Australia’s most important flamenco ensemble. Flamenco Rocks drew from the raw energy of rock and add the rhythmic tapestry of Flamenco. Charito, Johnny and Richard spent two years melding jazz, rock and electronic grooves and contemporary movement to create an innovative form of flamenco.

Flamenco Rocks referenced Flamenco and introduced non-flamenco instruments – electric guitar, electronic music and DJ grooves, bass and a full drum kit. The choreography incorporated new forms of flamenco movement, poise and attitude. Flamenco and rock are iconoclastic forms of expression that can vary from the banal to the most profound.