Donna Walker–Kuhne, President of Walker International Communications Group, is recognised by the American Business and Arts Council as the nation’s foremost audience development expert. Donna Walker–Kuhne has devoted her career to increasing access to the arts for America’s huge multicultural population.

Ms Walker–Kuhne was invited to Australia by Kape Communications to present a series of forums and workshops in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth. The Donna Walker–Kuhne forums and workshops were presented by the Multicultural Arts Professional Development program, or MAPD, which is managed by Kape Communications, RMIT University and the Australian Multicultural Foundation.

The Donna Walker–Kuhne forums were supported by Audience and Market Development at the Australia Council for the Arts, Arts Victoria, Arts WA and assisted by Multicultural Arts Victoria, Carnivale Festival NSW, Kulcha WA and the United States of America Consul General of Victoria.

Donna Walker–Kuhne's forum transcript from the Melbourne Forum, at the Arts Centre, is availbale for downloading [DWK Transcript 2003].

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Donna Walker–Kuhne: