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“…I regard New York City as the most amazing city in the world. No other comes close. It is an incredible, inexhaustible engine.”
Henry Rollins

Kape Communications (Melbourne, Australia) and Walker International Communications Group (New York City, USA) invite you to the 10th Year Anniversary of Bite the Big Apple! New York Arts & Cultural Management Tour™ (BtBA!).

Bite the Big Apple! Arts and Cultural Management Tour of New York City is a global arts administrators’ tour aimed at deepening cultural understanding and exposure to New York based arts organizations that are mission driven and focused on engaging diverse audiences and patrons.

“This year is pertinent as America’s cultural sector forms part of a larger mass movement defying recent attacks on diversity of culture, faith, lifestyle and sexual identity," Fotis Kapetopoulos said.

The cultural sector in NYC is resisting unprecedented challenges to the arts and the nation’s intrinsic cultural diversity. The program offers a rare opportunity for arts professionals to be immersed into New York City’s cultural ecology.

Participants will learn diverse approaches while exchanging ideas on engagement strategies, advocacy, audience development, programming, income generation and partnerships from some of New York cultural and arts industry’s leaders.

Cultural professionals will meet with some of New York City’s leading arts programmers, collecting and performance institutions, community arts advocates, arts education professionals, diverse audience specialists, social media creators and cultural civic planners.

"Curating this immersive experience for global arts administrators is important in addressing culturally diverse audiences and participants in the arts. Now it is vital more than ever to build real support for the arts and diversity," said Donna Walker-Kuhne, Director of Walker International Communications Group, NYC.

"Since 2008 we have empowered cultural leaders to observe, engage and share in their respective organisation their knowledge with cultural institutions in New York City."

"In 2017 the program will develop new ideas and strategies to increase participation in the arts," Ms Walker-Kuhne said. 

BtBA! New York Arts & Cultural Management Tour™ provides a rare opportunity for cultural professionals to engage with New York City arts ecology. The recent changes in the USA make 2017 a critical year for the arts especially in the world's most exciting and culturally diverse arts city.

Over 100 BtBA! Alumni have already met with over forty-eight of New York's leading arts professionals and cultural institutions (view list). This year we are inviting Alumni to participate in the 10th Year Anniversary of BtBA! at a significant discount.

This unique professional development program in the arts is open to a limited number of people. Appropriate candidates are chosen based on suitability.

For more information on BtBA! New York Arts & Cultural Management Tour™ 2017 please contact Kape Communications;

Fotis Kapetopoulos, Director
• 0413 445 287

Dorothy Kapetopoulos, Program Manager
• 0409 183 007

Bite the Big Apple! New York Arts & Cultural Management Tour™ was founded in 2007 by Kape Communications Pty Ltd, and supported by Donna Walker-Kuhne, Director of New York City based Walker International Communications Group Inc.

Bite the Big Apple! New York Arts & Cultural Management Tour™ 2017 10th Year Anniversary program highlights, includes application/ registration details; download available.

View the BtBA! list of New York arts professionals and institution met since 2008.
[ Photo: Brooklyn Musuem, 2014. ]

[ Photo: Queens Museum, 2009. ]

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